Income register 2019 - Benefit Advisors
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Income register 2019

From 1st of January 2019 a new Income Register maintained by the Tax Authorities. It will replace the annual payroll notifications currently submitted to the Finnish Tax Authorities, the TyEL-providers and the Unemployment Fund. The annual notifications to the Workers’ compensation will still be made for 2018 and 2019 and from 2020 the payroll information will be taken from the Income Register. The use of the register is free of charge.

In 2019 the information reported to the register is used by the Authorities (The Tax Office, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) The Finnish Centre of Pensions , The Unemployment Fund) and the statutory TyEL-pension providers.

The purpose of the centralized income register is that all the salary information is informed to one centralized  register and the users of the register can in real  time pick the salary information needed from the register for calculating the insurance premiums or for claims handling or for statistical purposes.

The register contains salary, pension and benefit information on individual level.
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